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Horizon Clinical Research Group is a SMO founded by group of clinical research professionals with 20+ years of experience in conducting clinical trials. We are located in Houston, TX. We work with industry renowned pharmaceutical sponsors and CROs; and have strategic tie ups with leading central labs and local hospitals. We are committed to providing our Sponsors and CROs with the high quality research data while meeting or exceeding our enrollment goals.

Enrolled 39 with a goal of 12; 30 completed
Enrolled 32 with a goal of 10; 30 completed
COPD Trelegy
Enrolled 12 in 5 days with a goal of 6; (Rescue site)
Diabetic study with cardiovascular
Enrolled 19 with a goal of 10; completed 19
Myocardial Infarction
Enrolled 23 with a goal of target 12; completed 23

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Successfully partnered with: