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Horizon Clinical Research Group combines centralized operations with localized capability at each site to ensure seamless research activities.  

Each site adequately equipped to ensure

seamless research activities

Reaserch Team

  • Each site is structured to cover all aspects of research.
  • Each site consist of Principal Investigators with Clinical Research background, experienced research coordinators, dedicated research manager and quality assurance manager.
  • Principal Investigators, Sub Investigators and Research staff are all GCP, ICH certified.
  • Experienced and certified in more than 20 EDC systems.

Centralized Operations

  • Experienced, clinically oriented company management and leadership.
  • Rapid enrollment through 10K+ patient database and centralized patient recruitment.
  • Dedicated Quality Assurance team and a well defined quality management process.
  • Centralized regulatory, contracts and recruitment team.
  • Centralized advertising and outreach.

Fully Equipped Sites

  • Designated storage (both ambient and refrigerated) with restricted access.
  • Temperature/humidity monitoring with generator back-up -20°C freezer and refrigerators with restricted access Locked cabinets .
  • Refrigerated Centrifuge and ambient centrifuge Incubator.
  • Hazardous chemical storage.
  • Laboratory (Phlebotomy stations, urine analysis ability) Height and weight scale.
  • ECG

Additional Facilities

  • Partnership with leading centralized labs for blood/urine tests; and local hospitals for CT, PET, MRI, Ultrasound, Cardiac stress test, Colonoscopy, X-Ray, Imaging etc.
  • Wi-Fi access for monitors.
  • Phone, fax and scanner / copier for monitors.

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